Listen to what our students are saying about our training:

"Your training helped me work smarter and opened my mind to new ideas. I am so glad I was a part of this business-changing opportunity." — Patty H.

"Thanks Pat, your training is amazing! I really like the content!" — Denine M.

"Thanks Pat. You’re a solid gold trainer." — James H.

"I am already seeing an increase in my production. Thank you for all the help and training. It is making a difference!" — Daneen M.

"I have learned so much by adapting my business to social selling. I’m reaching more customers and partnering with more agents. It’s the wave of the future." — Anthony R.

"I felt the training was excellent. It has helped me work harder to position myself as a strategic partner for referral sources." — Joe M.

"The training has generated more pre-approvals for the agents which will lead to more business once we get the contracts. It's just been fantastic." — Chris T.

"It's been phenomenal, especially the social selling aspect of the training. I was able to provide my top 50 referral associates with a one-on-one advanced social media class so they can develop their skills and build more leads as a result. Now, many of those associates are co-branding social media posts with me. I did another pre-approval through Instagram last week." — Alex A.

"It's been a wonderful learning opportunity. I've been posting a lot of market updates that are being re-shared by my agents. [Social media] has been such a great way to get my name out there and show who I am; what we can do; and what we know. We’ve been doing quick interviews with agents; promoting the office; and giving back." — Jack M.

"I've gotten so much out of this course in the last couple of months. I'm realizing all of the business that I can tap into with social media and have been reaching out to clients and agents more frequently with great results." — David D.

"The training has resulted in some great opportunities. In the last few weeks, I've been going to open houses and getting agents to do a quick tutorial on what's going on with the house. One agent had close to 300 views of one video. Some of the other agents saw it and now they are calling me saying, ‘ Hey look, I've got an open house. I'd love for you to come by and do a video with me.’ So, it's starting this process and getting people engaged. It’s exciting." — Shawn C.

"Pat is the best trainer in the mortgage space." — Ralph A.